David J. Langley, CFA®

Senior Investment Analyst


My NET WORTHWHILE™ is ensuring finances never get in the way of a person realizing his or her full value.

As an investment analyst specializing in fixed income research, David understands and enjoys evaluating a diverse asset class. He recognizes the importance of “keeping what you make” and the outsized impact a portfolio’s fixed income allocation can have on that goal, especially in times of elevated market risk. In addition, he has developed expertise in private and alternative fixed income products, which can be used to drive long-term returns for clients.

David holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, a distinction that demonstrates a commitment to excellence and integrity in the investment management profession.

Prior to his role at SignatureFD, David worked as a credit analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. where he supported research publications on high yield bonds and securitized debt. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

David is a member of Rehoboth Baptist Church where he serves on the church’s advisory team. He also regularly volunteers at the Japanese Christian Community in Atlanta.