SignatureFD Holds First in Series to Explore Transformational Generosity

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On April 1, SignatureGENEROSITY held the first in a series of summits that will cover issues we believe will be of great interest to our clients. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for clients and friends to come together, learn and be encouraged. Through forums such as this, we hope people will explore the transformational impact that their generosity can have on themselves and the world. The format for the summits will be a panel discussion with leaders who have a great deal of experience and perspective on these important issues.

The topic for this first summit was “Today’s Youth Culture and Next-Generation Leadership,” and we were privileged to have the following leaders participate on the panel: Anthony Flynn, The Gifted Education Foundation; Dantes Rameau, The Atlanta Music Project; Jamie Johnson, Boy With a Ball; Randell Trammell, the state YMCA; and Matt Letourneau, The Navigators.

A common theme in the discussion was that, for many youth, there is a lack of connection—to family and those in their community who can have a positive influence on them. In addition, we heard how millennials are searching for meaning and want to have an impact. Each of the leaders spoke of the fact that change occurs one child at a time. We heard stories about new beginnings, such as the establishment of a new school in the English Avenue neighborhood just west of the new stadium. The school will open this fall with a kindergarten class of 10 but will also serve as a site for an after-school program for the rest of the neighborhood. Dantes Rameau shared how young people are coming after school every day and are learning much more than how to play a musical instrument. “We teach grit. Kids with grit do better over the long term,” he said.

summitOne of the greatest needs and biggest impacts that each of these leaders shared was not a financial investment but a time investment. Whether it be local university students choosing to mentor youth, or an executive spending an hour with a small group of children and sharing their story about what they do—acts such as these give children a picture of what is possible. One of the unexpected benefits of the summit was that not only did it bring together people who had a common interest in learning more about the issues facing our youth, but it allowed the panel leaders, who have a passion for youth, to meet one another and see how they might be able to work together.

Our next summit is scheduled for the latter part of June. Details will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

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