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Step 3: Generosity Alignment Quiz

Our Generosity Alignment Quiz is a fun way to explore a variety of needs in the world to see which ones are closest to your heart and discover your why. We’ve provided some examples to help you get started, but please let us know if you have a specific passion in mind.

Please select ten causes from the list below.

Step 3: Generosity Alignment Quiz

Now try and narrow your selections to five causes that you will use to build your Generosity Blueprint by dragging your choices into the box below.

These are your top 10 choices. Which five causes are most important to you?

Drag your top five here

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5th Selection

Great job! You have identified your top five giving causes.

These will be incorporated into your Generosity Blueprint and you will have the opportunity to discuss them further with the SignatureGENEROSITY team.


Animal Rights, Welfare and Services
Wildlife Conservation
Zoos and Aquariums

Arts, Culture, Humanities

Libraries, Historical Societies and Landmark Preservation
Performing Arts
Public Broadcasting and Media
Visual Arts

Civil Rights

Racial Equality
LGBTQ Issues
Women’s Issues
Voting Rights
Gun Rights

Community Development

Community Centers (YMCA, civic organizations, etc)
Community Foundations
Public Spaces
United Ways


Early Childhood Education
K-12 Education
Higher Education
Financial Aid and Scholarships

Economic Development

Public Policy, Research, and Advocacy
Workforce Preparedness


Environmental Protection and Conservation
Clean Water
Botanical Gardens, Parks and Nature Centers
Renewable Energy
Climate Change

Government and Politics

Political Parties and Action Committees
Governmental Reform


Diseases, Disorders and Disciplines
Mental Health
Family and Patient Support
Medical Research

Human Services

Children’s and Family Services
Addiction Treatment and Recovery
Youth Development Services
Veterans Programs
Disaster Relief
Human Trafficking


International Peace, Security and Affairs
Humanitarian Relief
Economic Development
Clean Water


Food Banks, Food Pantries and Food Distribution
Affordable Housing


Religious Media and Broadcasting
Faith Communities (churches, synagogues, mosques)
Faith-based Services and Programming
Religious Freedom