Financial Expert: Jennifer Ade

Jennifer Ade

Office Manager

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My NET WORTHWHILE is thinking outside the box while staying inside the lines.

Jen believes that anything worth doing is worth being FUN!  Motivated by creativity, she is always looking for a unique way to add more color to the workday.

Jen is a career client service specialist and a certified Mindful Leader.  Learning the “why” of our team and clients inspires her to create custom experiences for them.  Jen handles a little bit of everything at SignatureFD.  Her goal with anything that she does is the same; to make people feel special, uniquely valued, and that they belong.

Jen’s career started with luxury cosmetic sales and a stint as a plastic surgery coordinator.  She understands very well that people can go through the exact same things and have very different experiences.  Jen aims to meet each person where they are with a custom approach based on their unique view.  This unique skill set, coupled with a passion for wellness and a unique approach to engagement, helps to fuel the incredible culture at SignatureFD.

Jen is a fish enthusiast who loves volunteer work.  If she is not in the office, you can probably find her someplace sunny in the deep blue breathing compressed air as she is an avid SCUBA diver.  She is passionate about preserving the ocean and often participates in river and ocean clean-up projects.  She volunteers with the Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo, FL as they study ways to recover the reefs of Florida and globally through research, monitoring, education, and coral out-planting.  She is an active volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. She interprets exhibits for guests while sharing Georgia Aquarium’s message of conservation, education, research, and animal preservation. Additionally, she spearheads SignatureFD Generosity days where the team serves together to benefit various local and global charities.


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