Financial Expert: Keilah Everett

Keilah Everett Barikos

Director of Client Operations

404 573 4952
404 573 4953

My NET WORTHWHILE™ is being able to see the design in everything around us and improve upon it for a better experience for everyone.

Keilah’s background in architecture is reflected in her appreciation for designing systems that enhance communication and service. Her talent for listening and her ability to seek out all perspectives allow her to develop sound strategies. As the Assistant Director of Operations, Keilah works with leadership to build and refine operational systems and procedures that ensure effective implementation of the company’s strategic vision.

Prior to SignatureFD, Keilah served as the Vice President of Client Services at Berman Capital Advisors where she oversaw the client associates team and managed internal relationships between departments. Keilah graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Outside of work, Keilah has a passion for the arts and enjoys dancing, painting, and drawing. She also volunteers with Partners Against Domestic Violence, Junior Achievement, the Boys and Girls Club and the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta.