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5 Ways Business Owners Can Use Trusts to Benefit Their Company

Being a business owner means your head is constantly filled with important questions. How do I continue growing my business? What are the priorities? Where are the vulnerabilities? The list goes on…

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7 Saving Strategies for Small Businesses during Uncertain Economic Climates

If you’re running a small business, you might be feeling the pressure of uncertainty in our current economy. And because the range of possible outcomes can seem vast, you wonder, is it even worth having a plan for things that may or may not happen? Or should we brace for impact and hope we’re still standing when it blows over?…

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Creating Your Legacy: Critical Questions to Answer When Drafting Your Buy-Sell Agreement

So, you’ve done it. Your lifelong dream of being a business owner is now a reality. You’re running a successful company. But have you considered what happens when you’re ready to retire? Or even worse, what happens if there is a premature death or disability of an owner? While it may seem like a far-off reality, legacy planning for the business you’ve worked hard to build is an essential ingredient in running a successful business for the long haul. And that’s where a buy-sell agreement comes in…

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