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Investing In The Language Of Life

Last week, I shared a post translating the whole of financial planning into the language of life, suggesting that all the jargon, products, pitches, services, and strategies can be beneficially simplified into a four-quadrant approach that imputes more meaning into our money

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Financial Planning In The Language Of Life

One of the reasons that managing our money can be so challenging is that most of the guidance offered is in a different language. It’s a language created by financial companies selling products, financial regulators reining in the financial companies, personal finance gurus developing…

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A Simple Framework For Activating Your Wealth

Across the financial landscape—the industry, the media, the blogosphere, the DIY community—virtually all attention is paid to attaining and sustaining wealth. You’ll find more than you’ll ever need or want on saving, investing, and insuring, but then what?…

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