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When it comes to wealth management, we believe in anchoring all strategies in four key areas: Grow, Protect, Give, and Live (GPGL). All areas are important, but some areas will take more or less precedence depending on YOUR GOALS and where you are in life. Your unique GPGL blueprint helps to define and drive what’s most important to you – what we also like to call Your Net WorthwhileTM. In understanding your Net WorthwhileTM, you can work with an advisor to build a blueprint that is specific to what you feel will help you live the best life now and in the future.

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Are you currently focused on growth and income or are you in a stage of life where protecting and living is top of mind?

Are you satisfied with your current financial opportunities?

Do you have upcoming needs that would require a lot of liquidity, e.g., buying a new home or sending kids to college?

How would you currently rate your risk tolerance?

Are you confident that you have adequate protection in place for those you love in the event of your death?

Do you feel confident that you would be prepared to care for a family member should that be necessary?

Is it important to you to have a plan for supporting the causes and organizations you care about?

Is it important to you to have a substantial inheritance to pass to your children and/or grandchildren?

Are you interested in learning more about a strategic approach to your generosity?

Is it important for you to live with financial freedom right now (e.g. the ability to enjoy your wealth without worrying about the future)?

How much do you value having guaranteed income in retirement?

Do you feel confident in your position to enjoy your wealth in retirement?

At SignatureFD, we understand that each client is unique. We have 7 client communities that can help you build a wealth blueprint for your specific needs. Please choose which community is best for you:

Which of the following represents your current assets range? (i.e. liquid assets)

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