How To Find A Wealth Manager in Atlanta, GA

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One of the important decisions you’ll make in your life is choosing a wealth management firm. If the fit is right, you’ll work with your wealth manager for decades and through various life stages, and milestones. Below we offer some things to consider when searching for a wealth manager.

How to Find a Wealth Manager

Tip #1: Find a wealth manager who works with people like you.

It’s comforting to know that your wealth manager is local to Atlanta, but they also must have experience working with clients like you. Every wealth manager is different and takes a different approach to wealth management, and they may have more experience in specific portfolio sizes and income brackets.

When consulting with a new wealth manager in Atlanta, ask about their current book of clients. This will give you a sense of their expertise and if it matches your needs. At SignatureFD, we offer client communities, and we believe the team you work with is well-versed in the unique needs of specific client niches.

Tip #2: Find a wealth manager who will provide the necessary service and support.

A strong relationship with your wealth manager requires trust. To earn that trust, a good wealth manager knows they need to communicate with you often. While it would be unreasonable to expect any wealth manager to be available 24/7, what you can expect in terms of communication should be clear, up-front and on a regular cadence, as discussed at the inception of the relationship. Doing this means you are having regular touchpoints on progress towards your goals.

Tip #3: Find a wealth manager with a solid approach to growing your wealth and income potential.

Find a wealth manager in Atlanta with a wealth management approach that aligns with the things that matter most to you. While having number goals is important, it’s arguably more critical to ensure those numbers are in alignment with the things that matter most for you in life. We call that “the why” behind “the what.”

Tip #4: Find a wealth manager with strategies to protect your hard-earned wealth.

While it’s essential to have strategies to grow your portfolio, protecting what you’ve worked so hard to create is just as important, especially as your portfolio grows over time. Find a wealth manager who can support you with asset protection to help ensure the preservation of your wealth, lifestyle, and property through thick and thin. We activate your wealth in four key wealth categories: Grow, Protect, Give and Live, so your wealth blueprint addresses growth and protection.

Tip #5: Find a wealth manager that can help you give to the people and causes you care about.

The ability to make an impact with your wealth doesn’t just come from money. It comes from uniquely understanding the causes that matter to you and finding tax-efficient ways to impact those causes. A wealth manager with experience knows this and can support you with resources, connections, and opportunities for contribution on your chosen path of generosity, here in Atlanta and beyond.

Tip #6: Find a wealth manager that will help you optimize cash flow and minimize taxes.

A comprehensive wealth management strategy considers both your immediate and future financial goals and all areas of your financial life. Working as a team toward optimizing cash flow while minimizing taxes will allow you to live your wealth to the fullest today while supporting your bigger future goals.

At SignatureFD, we know true wealth isn’t just about accumulating more; it’s the ability to experience more of what’s worthwhile in life.

If you’d like to speak to one of our wealth managers about your Net Worthwhile, contact us!

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