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Empower to In Power #7: Changing Lives by Providing Shelter with Lisa Gordon

Lisa Gordon, CPA, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, one of the top 10 Habitat for Humanity International affiliates in the United States. She is…

Empower to In Power #6: Creating Systemic Change with Leslie Turner

Leslie Turner is the former Senior VP of Hershey Company and former Associate General Counsel for the Coca-Cola Company. With over 30 years of legal experience, she has served as…

Empower to In Power #5: Creating Opportunities For Women of Color with Audra Cunningham

Audra Cunningham spent more than 20 years working in telecommunications before switching gears in 2008 to pursue a career in commercial real estate. Now she is the first woman to become a…

Empower to In Power #4: Overcoming the Fear of Failure with Jolie Weber

A proven leader in building and executing strategic plans that drive revenue growth and productivity (while also increasing employee engagement and loyalty), Jolie Weber is a force to be reckoned…

Empower to In Power #3: Becoming a Strong and Authentic Leader with Kathy Waller

Our guest today is Kathy Waller, the former CFO of the Coca-Cola Company. In this episode, she will be explaining the importance of identifying your unique skillset and learning how…

Empower to In Power #2: The Power of Authenticity and Strong Values with Ceree Eberly

We’re so fortunate to have Ceree Eberly with us today. Ceree spent nearly 30 years at Coca-Cola, where she last served for eight years as the Chief People Officer. She…

Empower to In Power #1: Climbing the Ranks in a Male-Dominated Industry with Linda Booker

Welcome to the Empower to In Power podcast! Each month, we will be highlighting the trailblazing journeys of women who boldly carved a path to leadership. You will hear stories…

Webcast Recording: Giving and Getting More out of Liquidity Events

In this webcast, you’ll learn: The most common mistakes business owners make in approaching liquidity events for their businesses Real-world lessons in growing a successful business and building a charitable…

Ep #15: Creating Electric Experiences with Michael Lennox and Elizabeth Burdette

In this episode, the Director of Client Engagement at SignatureFD, Elizabeth Burdette, and the Founder of ATL Family Meals, Michael Lennox, discuss why generosity is about more than just money.

Commanding Your Way to A Better Life: Executive Compensation Negotiation Techniques

Dwayna Haley, Senior Vice President and Practice Director of Porter Novelli, recently joined us on SignatureFD’s podcast, Net Worthwhile, to discuss the necessity of commanding vs. demanding what you want as a high-level, woman executive.

Ep #14: Strategic Giving with Ann Cramer and Elizabeth Burdette

In this episode, Director of Client Engagement at SignatureFD, Elizabeth Burdette, and retired IBM Director Americas Corporate Citizenship, Ann Cramer, discuss linking your values as a company with the needs…

SignatureExecutive Webinar: Making the Right Company Benefit Elections for You and Your Family

It is important to choose the benefits that are right for you and your family. These benefits can help you protect your health, your finances, and your future.

Ep #13: Commanding Your Way to a Better Wage with Dwayna Haley

In this episode, Senior Vice President and Practice Director of Porter Novelli, Dwayna Haley, discusses the importance of being open about your finances.

Ep #12: Thinking Your Way to Success with Kim Ades

In this episode, Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine Software President Kim Ades talks about how to harness the power of your thoughts to transform your life.

WEBINAR RECORDING: Financial Boot Camp for Women

Women face unique challenges when it comes to wealth building and management. From managing wage gaps to maternity leave to aging parents, women must have the tools needed to stay financially fit.

Webinar Recording: SignatureWOMEN Webcast: Protect Yourself Against COVID Cyber Threats

Identity thieves are leveraging the COVID pandemic to steal personal information. This is a risk that we are all vulnerable to and that requires extra diligence. SignatureFD’s head of IT and former NASA programmer, Walter Chamblee, offers information on:

Ep #09: Grow Your Wealth and Live a Better Life with Eric Rosenberg

After starting out as a bank manager, Eric Rosenberg realized he had a passion for writing about money. Now the founder of PersonalProfitabilty.com, Eric spends his time teaching his clients how to practice mindfulness with their personal finances.

Ep #08: Creating Your Life and Your Legacy with Denice Gierach

In this episode, Crystal Cooper speaks with Denice Gierach about creating a living and lasting legacy. Creating a legacy is usually tied in with a person’s search for meaning. So…

Ep #11: Building Up Your Confidence to Have a Life Outside of Sales with Kathleen Black

In this episode, Crystal Cooper speaks with Kathleen Black about tips to find a work-life balance. Kathleen Black is an author, speaker, and consultant at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting….

Ep #10: Storytelling Content with Summer Mulder

In this episode, Crystal Cooper speaks with Summer Mulder about following passions and creating incredible content. Summer shares her journey into founding The Draw Shop and why she made the transition…

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