Podcast Recap: Why Does Net Worthwhile Matter?

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The traditional wealth management approach is to earn now and enjoy later. We believe differently. At SignatureFD, we help to “activate” wealth in four key areas: Grow, Protect, Give and Live, to create a blueprint that helps our clients to enjoy their wealth now, while feeling secure about their future.

SignatureFD’s CEO, Heather Fortner, recently sat down with The Business of Intuition Podcast to discuss activating wealth and our unique brand promise: Net Worthwhile™.

Some key things shared:

Defining Net Worthwhile
Instead of arbitrary numbers goals, we partner with our clients to develop wealth blueprints that align with what matters most for them in life. Their Net Worthwhile. Wealth is only as good as the extent it helps people live a life they enjoy. Going a step further than wealth management to “wealth activation,” we activate wealth in key areas based on the person’s Net Worthwhile. The key areas, Grow, Protect, Give and Live, are activated in various ways based on a client’s unique GPGL profile, which all ties back to what matters most to and for them. (You can learn more about your unique GPGL blueprint here.)

Psychology of Money
During the episode, Heather also discussed why finance and psychology are interwoven. She explains that every client comes to the table with unique beliefs, perspectives, and experiences around money. Money is emotional, whether one has a lot or a little. This is why understanding the “why” is so important. Often, we find that when a person has anchored their goal in a number with no understanding of why that number matters, they often don’t feel as fulfilled as they thought they would once they achieve it.

To hear Heather’s full podcast, click here. If you want to learn more about shifting your psychology around money to begin living your Net Worthwhile, reach out.

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