Generosity Spotlight – Connor and Sweet Families

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May 2024 Generosity Newsletter

At SignatureFD, we believe that generosity can be a powerful tool to build lasting bonds among multiple generations of a family. Explorations of a family’s values, passions, and legacy are integral to a family’s generosity plan. Two connected client families had the opportunity to engage in a journey of generosity together as they sought to honor and remember their shared matriarch. 

In 2021, the Conner Family and the Sweet Family worked with their advisor, Leah Maybry, and Philanthropic Advisor, Elizabeth Burdette, to create a philanthropic legacy inspired by their mother and grandmother, Ellie Taylor. At the time, she suffered from dementia and lived in an assisted living home. Ellie had a Donor-Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable, and due to her diminished capacity, she could no longer make decisions regarding grantmaking from that account. SignatureFD saw this as an opportunity to go beyond just deploying the funds from Ellie’s donor-advised fund – it was a chance to bring the families together to honor Ellie and her commitment to the community throughout her life. 

Over the course of two different virtual family meetings in 2021 and 2022, Leah and Elizabeth helped the next generations of Ellie’s family identify their shared family values and reflect on Ellie’s legacy and passions. Ultimately, the family made one round of grants from Ellie’s DAF to three organizations that aligned with Ellie’s interests and another round of grants where the four grandchildren could present their own choices for nonprofit organizations. Afterwards, the family expressed gratitude for the effort in orchestrating the opportunity. They emphasized the significance of uniting the two families to reminisce about their grandmother, despite her battle with advanced dementia. They believe the conversations will play a pivotal role in shaping the paths of giving back for both families.

Curious about how to start a generosity conversation with your family? Read our article on Generational Storytelling for some helpful advice or contact Elizabeth Burdette at

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