Philanthropy Tools & Techniques: Legacy Letters

Close up of hand writing a letter with pen

Incorporating generosity into your legacy planning typically involves more than just designating beneficiaries in a will or trust. It’s usually about shaping how you’ll be remembered and living out that legacy today. This approach aligns closely with the ethos of SignatureFD, where we believe that wealth should be used to create something meaningful—for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Our focus isn’t solely on your net worth; it’s on your Net Worthwhile®.

At SignatureFD, we believe Net Worthwhile® represents a shift from the mindset of accumulating more to one focused on achieving better. It’s about defining what truly matters to you—whether it’s people, causes, or communities—and leveraging your resources to make a positive impact. One way to manifest this philosophy is by crafting a Legacy Letter.

A Legacy Letter goes beyond legal documents, providing a space where you can express your deepest feelings, values, and intentions. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the people and causes that have shaped your life, and to articulate why they are important to you. By helping you define what’s significant, SignatureFD can assist you in developing a Legacy Letter that reflects your unique story and vision.

Furthermore, Legacy Letters can serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations within your family and community. By sharing your letter and engaging in dialogue, you can deepen understanding, strengthen relationships, and inspire others to carry on your legacy of generosity. 

Legacy planning doesn’t have to be solely about transferring wealth. It can be about leaving a lasting imprint on the world. By crafting a Legacy Letter, you can help ensure that your wealth serves a purpose greater than yourself. We encourage you to take the time to reflect on your values, articulate your intentions, and start building a legacy that can endure for generations to come.

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