Building a Generosity Blueprint

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Planning for Generosity that Matters

Oftentimes, generosity is considered an afterthought to financial goals. However, just like your traditional financial goals, generosity should be planned. Planning for generosity moves the action from being transactional to purposeful. To plan for generosity, it’s important to begin by creating a “Generosity Blueprint,” which helps you define where and how to make an impact that matters most for you.

The Generosity Blueprint is comprised of three key elements – passions, resources and people.  When you are intentional and identify what each of these are for you, your generosity can have a great impact on others, and in turn, you may experience a joy that could transform your giving forever.

What are your passions?

Your passions are most easily identified by what breaks your heart.   For some people, it may be for children who don’t have access to quality education.   For others, it is passing by a homeless person on the street.  It is important to narrow down your passions to things you truly care about. Doing so enables you to say yes to the things that matter most to you.

What are the resources that you uniquely have to give?

Your resources are much more than your financial wealth. It is your time, influence, experiences and skills. When you expand your view of wealth, opportunities for generosity are multiplied. Take an inventory of all that you have.   What can you offer by way of skills, wisdom or experience? Do you have a business or a second home?  Don’t minimize the value or size of an item.  Lastly, take stock of your network. Who can you connect? What relationships can you help nurture?

How can you make a personal connection?

Relationships built through generosity provide an opportunity for both the giver and the receiver to feel an impact and learn from each other. For example, this touching and inspiring story about Evelyn. At age 98, she found a special way to help her neighbor Joyce, which allowed her to see and feel, first-hand, how her generosity impacted someone.

Generosity, like all things that matter in life, should be planned. A Generosity Blueprint is a great tool to plan for generosity that makes an impact for the recipient and you.

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