Commanding Your Way to A Better Life: Executive Compensation Negotiation Techniques

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Dwayna Haley, Senior Vice President and Practice Director of Porter Novelli, recently joined us on SignatureFD’s podcast, Net Worthwhile, to discuss the necessity of commanding vs. demanding what you want as a high-level, woman executive.

While demanding entails requesting forcefully, commanding is about compelling. How can someone apply this to negotiations with compensation packages? Root your negotiations in your values.

Negotiating isn’t about “getting everything you can,” but rather, it’s about aligning your hard work with what’s most important to you and those that matter most to you. For some, your values may include financial security. While, for others, your values could be rooted in time with family. Because of this, just as we at SignatureFD believe wealth is beyond money, it’s critical to think beyond dollars when negotiating. There are other components of your compensation package that can help you create the life that matters most for you, including bonuses, stock options, retirement contributions, paid time off, and professional development.

As we near year-end, compensation evaluations are on the horizon. Here are a few action items you can deploy for “commanding” in your next conversation:

  • Expect the best: assume good intentions with whom you’re speaking. Assume they value you as a person and the talents you bring.
  • Write it down: write down your key points and the “why” behind those points
  • Listen: conversations go both ways. Be open to the feedback and the other end of the conversation.
  • Confirm action items: recap the next steps and ensure both parties are in alignment before leaving the conversation.

To hear Dwayna’s full podcast, click here.

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