Ep #02: The Future of Veterinary Business with Donna Harris and Peter Weinstein (Part 1)

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The business of veterinary medicine has evolved greatly over the past few decades. With the pandemic, the increase in technology, and more, the veterinary industry is constantly having to pivot—and with that, the schools are having to change how they’re teaching students. So, how has the business of veterinary medicine developed, and what does this mean for the future of veterinary care? Joining us to discuss these topics and more are Donna Harris, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, and Peter Weinstein, President of Simple Solutions for Vets.

Listen in as Donna explains why veterinary schools are no longer training students to be owners of businesses, but rather to be associates first. Peter also breaks down the importance of understanding the business side of veterinary care, and both describe the importance of evolution for the forward progression of the profession. You’ll learn how to make veterinary care more accessible and why we can’t all be a jack-of-all-trades.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the business of veterinary medicine has evolved.
  • The importance of suicide awareness in veterinarian schooling.
  • How Donna got her start in veterinary care.
  • Why Peter became involved in veterinary care.
  • How to make veterinary care more accessible for those in poverty.
  • Why there are fewer opportunities to become practice owners these days.
  • Why we have to evolve to move forward as a profession.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

There are fewer opportunities to become practice owners—there is a decreased percentage of students that want to become practice owners. - Donna Click To Tweet Any evolution is better if you want the species to survive. - Peter Click To Tweet Veterinary medicine is a service industry that provides healthcare versus a healthcare industry looking to provide service. - Peter Click To Tweet

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