Ep #03: The Future of Veterinary Business with Donna Harris and Peter Weinstein (Part 2)

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Veterinary practices have been busier than ever since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to this increase in transactions, the inefficiency of the veterinary business model was exposed. There was more money coming in, but there was also a lot more stress put on the vets and nurses. So, how can we find the perfect middle ground between profitability, sustainability, and work-life balance? In this second half of our two-part episode, Donna Harris, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, and Peter Weinstein, President of Simple Solutions for Vets, answer this key question and more.

Listen in as Peter covers the importance of leveraging our staff and rethinking the way we approach the veterinary business model. Donna also explains how academic institutions can increase the opportunities for students to learn how to handle complex situations. You’ll learn the encouraging things they’re seeing in the industry, as well as their best advice for any veterinarian who wants to change the veterinary business world.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to achieve a balance between profitability and sustainability.
  • Why veterinarians need to focus more on finding a work-life balance.
  • Why there is such a high turnover in the veterinary industry.
  • How to ensure veterinary students know how to handle complex business situations.
  • Advice for veterinarians wanting to change the veterinary business world.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

We need to learn how to leverage our staff. - Peter Click To Tweet We need to stop, slow down, figure out what we want to have as a final outcome and start building the business models to that end. - Peter Click To Tweet We have to expose students to all levels of care. - Peter Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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