Live Your Story, Leave Your Legacy

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“What’s the meaning of life?”

The age-old existential question has plagued even the most revered philosophers of our time. In all this time, why hasn’t anyone ever been able to answer this question? At SignatureFD, we think it’s not because there is no clear answer, but it’s because the question has been missing two key words – What’s the meaning of life to you?

Because we understand that wealth is more than just the accumulation of more, the conversations we have with our clients go deeper than assets or money in a portfolio. Our clients desire a fulfilling life with a clear purpose. They want to make a mark on the world. They want a living and lasting legacy.

And, we find purposeful legacy-building happening in other places as well. We recently interviewed Denice Gierach on SignatureFD’s podcast, NET WORTHWHILE™. Denice is an estate attorney. She found, in her work, that oftentimes, at the end of someone’s life, once she’d checked all the boxes of transferring someone’s estate, that the essence of the person was lost. So, she created her trademarked Life Lessons™ program, allowing her clients to also transfer to their loved ones their story and the lessons they learned along the way.

Denice believes, “Legacy is tied with a person’s search for meaning” and that everyone wants to be remembered in their own unique way. And, it’s when we don’t acknowledge this that we experience regret. You can hear Denice’s full podcast interview, here.

So, what is the meaning of life – to you? What is your story? What are your dreams – both filled and unfulfilled? What’s the impact you want to have on this world – both now and later? When you start to drive your actions with your own unique purpose, every single day becomes a day of fulfillment.  And, your legacy will be as unique as your story – just as your NET WORTHWHILE™ is unique to you.

To hear Denice’s full podcast, click here. If you want to learn more about building your own NET WORTHWHILE legacy, reach out.

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