Rich is Temporary, Wealth is Intentional

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“How can I live my Net Worthwhile?” Ever since we launched our  NET WORTHWHILE® brand promise, it has started to fundamentally shift the conversations clients are having with SignatureFD. Our clients are becoming anchored in a NET WORTHWHILE mindset, meaning they are unwilling to settle for simply reaching a number in their portfolio, but rather they are pushing to feel fulfilled in all aspects of their life. They are coming to the journey with a commitment to intentionality.

And, we see this mindset shift is happening in other places, as well. We recently interviewed Dr. Nasrine Shah-Abushakra on SignatureFD’s podcast, Net Worthwhile. Dr. Nasrine serves within a family business as a digital and global liaison for Esol Education, an international school serving more than 10,000 students in over 5 countries with American and British curriculum.

Dr. Nasrine believes you must be intentional with your passions and your resources. She believes wealth is knowledge and finds the power of education is essential in driving generational wealth. “Rich is temporary. Wealth is intentional,” she said. You can hear her full podcast interview, here.

So, how can you start to be intentional with your wealth? You can be intentional just by framing your actions with honest questions.

  • Why am I doing this action?
  • Who am I doing this action for?
  • How does this action add value to me/those I care about?
  • What are the potential outcomes of this action (results and feelings)?

Guiding your actions through this framework can help align your mind and heart, so the actions you take with your wealth can be intentionally rooted in what matters most for you – what we call NET WORTHWHILE®.

To hear Dr. Nasrine’s full podcast, click here. If you want to learn how to be more intentional with your wealth, creating more meaning, more satisfaction, and more of what’s worthwhile in life, reach out.

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