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SignatureGENEROSITY featured on Frazier and Deeter’s “Business Beat” Radio Show

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SignatureFD’s Blair Cunningham and Elizabeth Burdette recently joined Frazier & Deeter’s “Business Beat” radio show to discuss our philosophy that net worth involves more than money, but also purpose, generosity, talents, gifts, and meaning. They discussed how SignatureFD believes people want to use their wealth to do something worthwhile – for themselves, those they love, and their community. Through integrated wealth management services, we help clients create a financial design for life that enables them to protect, grow, give and live their wealth – ultimately transforming their net worth into NET WORTHWHILE®.

Blair and Elizabeth shared examples of how SignatureFD partners with our clients to help guide them in looking for ways to reach their generosity goals and make an impact in their community through personalized strategies.

Click here for a full summary and to listen to the interview.

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