Remembering Your “WHY”

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Have you lost track of your “why?”

We understand the importance of having more meaning and more satisfaction in life, which is why SignatureFD has made it our mission to understand our client’s “why behind the what.” Why are you saving this amount of money? Why do you want to invest in this asset? We help drive our clients to intentional wealth and help them stay grounded in their “why” – their purpose – for doing what they do in all aspects of life. With this foundation, every action aligns and drives them forward on their path to NET WORTHWHILE®.

Experts in sustainable (and enjoyable!) business growth also recognize the power of purpose. We recently interviewed Patti Mara on SignatureFD’s podcast, Net Worthwhile. Patti has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial owned and operated businesses to help reposition them for success. She believes that if businesses shift their focus from sales to solutions and from transactions to relationships, everyone wins. She believes that, with this shift, everyone involved feels like they have a purpose beyond the transaction. She goes deeper on this concept in her latest book, UpSolutions: Turning Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans.

Patti says it’s common for people to lose sight of their “why” and burn out – which can make it harder to reach and fulfill your purpose.

So, how do you figure out your why, and how do you stay in alignment with it?

Your why simply starts with what’s important for you. There is no wrong answer. Is it to be financially free? Is it to be able to help your family? Is it to be able to sell your business? Start with the core goal, then once you have that, you can add the metrics to it.

Once you’ve developed your why, to stay in alignment with it, try gut checking yourself intermittently with some simple questions.

  • What actions am I taking that are aligned with my “why”?
  • What am I doing to stay reminded of my “why” and keep sight of it?

Staying focused on your “why” helps keep your purpose fueled by passion, so every action you take with your wealth goes towards building a journey that matters most for you – what we call NET WORTHWHILE®.

To hear Patti Mara’s full podcast, click here. If you want to learn how to be more intentional with your wealth, creating more meaning, more satisfaction, and more of what’s worthwhile in life, reach out.

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